St. Pölten (Lower Austria): House for elderly/ neursing- Home with a day care center


Project 81

The daylight flooding the main hall and the common spaces recomposes, in this project, the relation with the exterior and its biological rhythms. Through the reflecting glass surfaces, the sky and the clouds seem to come inside, as to break the solid volume of the building, reminding the imagery of a boat. The coloured shades of the rooms show the will to open or not on the external world, in an unexpected chromatic composition, evoking the variety of human identities: they are instruments of communication and graphic transformability of the building as well as sun-screen devices.

The interior design is marked by the brightness of the wall and the parquet and the maple furnishing: the different chromatic shades of the plans underline different light intensities. The orange-coloured curved wall of the main hall turns into a connection and orientation element. In the winter garden, illuminated by the zenith light of the skylight, the tapering shapes created by the stretched cables, supporting climbing “passion-flowers”, evoke the image of a sail: art and movement join each other in this green sculptural object. The platform, crossing it to connect apparently the parts of the building, turns into a place of glances, a sign of the dialectical relation between public and private, recalled by the thin inner openings of the rooms.

The energy project consists of the cooling with deep stratum water by means of collectors, a controlled ventilation system with heat recovering and the possible supplying from the public teleheating network of the town of St. Pölten

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Georg W. Reinberg, Claire Poutaraud, Ursula Schneider, Friedrich Huber, Gottfried Flicker, Thomas Siegl
Pinus in Konzern der NÖ Hypoleasing
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