Martha Enríquez-Reinberg

Martha Enríquez-Reinberg, born in 1956 in Mexico, studied at the ITESO University_ Instituto Tegnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente en México (Lic. Arq.).

From 1986 – 89 was a university assistant at the Faculty of Architecture at this university (teaching design). Participated in various research projects focused on urban development and self-building, subject “Illegal Human Settlements and Self-Build Sector in the City of Guadalajara”.

Since 1990 has been a member of the Reinberg Architectural Office and also in a leading position since 2000.

From 2004 – 2011 participated in the lecture “Building with Earth” at the Vienna University of Technology. Since 2014 lectureship at the FH Campus Vienna, Green Building Bachelor Program.

2012 Honorary Award Architecture of the Province of Lower Austria together with architect Georg W. Reinberg.

She completed training as a mediator*n and since 2008 has been involved in Nonviolent Communication and is active in this field.

She speaks Spanish, German, English, and French.

Martha Enríquez-Reinberg has a daughter together with G. W. Reinberg: Maria (1993).

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