Fehring ( Steiermark ): Winter garden


Project 347

Fehring (Steiermark): Wintergarten

As a result of a larger research project, eleven closed-loop solutions in the building sector were proposed and these solutions were also implemented in four demonstration projects (two in Spain and two in Austria). One of the demonstration projects is the Cambium project in Fehring, Steiermark. Here, a former barracks was purchased by a group of residents acting collectively. Within the area, there is also a larger, ground-level warehouse, in front of which a glass house was built. This is part of the circulation concept of “Houseful”. Here, the wastewater of the residents of the former barracks is treated in a newly developed constructed wetland (Verteco) and the treated water can be reused. The heat necessary for the proper functioning of the constructed wetland is provided by the winter garden through passive solar energy use and by a “biomeiler”. The insulating glass and other parts of the building envelope are reused materials. The thermal insulation was made with foam glass. Parts of the winter garden are also used for plant cultivation. Comprehensive monitoring is carried out.

Project Number
Georg W. Reinberg, Daniel Civegna
Cambium . Leben in Gemeinschaft im Rahmen des Projektes „Houseful“ (gefördert durch das EU-Förderprogramm Horizon 2020, grant agreement No.776708)
Planning start
2020 - 2021
Construction start


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