Vienna, Lilienbrunngasse: Renovation and interior insulation of a Gründerzeit apartment


Project 346

For a Gründerzeit apartment in Vienna, a solution was to be found in principle as to how interior insulation can be applied without endangering the beam heads located in the masonry.

This danger is given if the masonry can absorb only very little moisture due to the interior insulation and therefore an increased vapor pressure arises in the area of the beam heads located in the masonry (in the cold area). Usually, this requires expensive vapor barriers extending far into the floor area; a simpler alternative solution should be found for this.

The usual case of existing open heating pipes was left in place and no interior insulation was applied in the area of these heating pipes near the floor. This keeps the area of the beam head warm enough to eliminate the risk of condensation.

This method represents a simple way of insulating very cost-effectively in Gründerzeit buildings without disturbing the facade and still achieving high energy savings.

In addition, the apartment was renovated (floors, tiles, walls, etc.).

Project Number
Georg W. reinberg, Marta Enriquez-Reinberg
Planning start
Construction start
Apr. 2020
Project completion
Mai 2021

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