Timisoara (Romania): Office building Civiplex IoT


Project 340

The client wanted to expand its companies with an office building that would primarily cover the creative sector. It was also to be flexible enough to allow other uses in the future.

Like us, the client wanted to not only reduce energy consumption in this project but also produce as much energy as possible. Since the client’s company also manufactures junction boxes for electric cars and is involved in the electronics sector, they also wanted to develop corresponding productive carports. Furthermore, a high “overproduction” of electricity was aimed for, because the employees will charge their electric cars during the day in order to supply their own houses with electricity with their charged batteries, thus significantly reducing the – in Romania very expensive – connection costs. Accordingly, the entire building concept is designed for high electricity production by means of building-integrated photovoltaics.

Project Number
Georg W. Reinberg, Martha Enríquez-Reinberg, Jayson Ramirez, Daniel Civegna gemeinsam mit Dan Stoian, Timisoara
Civitronic, Claudiu Suma
Planning start
Construction start
Project completion
Site area
3.119 m2
Useable space
615 m2
Open space
2.584 m2
Converted space
2.242 m3
575 m2

Construction Site