Vienna, Baumgartenstraße: Renovation of a historic house


Project 335

The building is the headquarters of a company that specializes in research in the field of the circular economy. The owner of this company, who also lives in the building himself, is working with us on several research projects on the topics of ecology, sustainability, and circular economy. One of the goals of this planning was to close material cycles as far as possible within the building or property. Thus, not only the resource of the sun should be used for the energy supply, but also the food leftovers and human excrements should be integrated into the local ecological cycles.

The building renovation complies with the EnerPHit passive house standard. All parts of the building were recorded in a material passport in order to be able to draw up a life cycle assessment before and after the refurbishment. All wastewater is treated with plants and reused. The wastewater and biowaste are used for biogas production to bridge the solar energy bottleneck in the depths of winter and to provide the best fertilizer for the garden. In the use of all materials, close attention is paid to their recyclability.

Project Number
Georg W. Reinberg
Planning start
Site area
831 m2
Useable space
278 + 138 m2
Converted space
2.325 m3