St. Pölten (Lower Austria): “A Workshop in the Workshop”


Project 124

Within the existing facility, adaptations are being made for the use as a copy service and ironing service for the Employment and Career Orientation Project of Caritas St. Pölten.

For this purpose, the current glass walls on the right and left of the entrance are being replaced with solid walls, and the entrance doors as well as the stairwell enclosure are being equipped with fire-resistant glazing.

In the former workshop area (ground-level construction in the courtyard), two work areas are being delineated in the form of two “boxes”:

Box 1: “Copy Service”

Here, papers are cut, glued, bound, and similar tasks are performed. A workspace for the supervisor is separated by a wall.

Box 2: “Ironing Service”

Here, laundry is ironed, and sewing work is carried out. The supervisor’s area is also separated in this section.

Energy Concept:

The work within the boxes is related to the existing work areas. The entire ground floor area is designed as an independent fire compartment. Similarly, the stairwell on the ground floor is separated from the other areas in terms of fire protection.

A ventilation unit supplies fresh air to the boxes and ensures exhaust air and heat recovery from the exhaust air. This ventilation unit heats the two boxes and the corridor areas within the existing hall with air heated from the existing heating system.

For heating the hall, new heaters are installed. These are supplied through the existing piping. The hall temperature between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius is regulated by a room thermostat.

Ventilation in the Boxes: The boxes (Copy Service and Ironing Service) installed in the hall are mechanically ventilated.

The ventilation unit with heat recovery is placed in the hall. The fresh air and exhaust air are led through the roof. In addition, an air recirculation cooling system for the increased heat generation during ironing is installed in the Ironing Service box.

Project Number
Georg W. Reinberg
Caritas der Diözese St Pölten, vertreten durch Dr. Leopold Wimmer
Planning start
Project completion

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